Knowledge Is Valuable

Expert Author Sheldon R Smith
"Never stop learning. In the endeavor you're involved in, always open your mind to grow and increase in knowledge. If what you love to do is available through books, CDs, home study courses, or other methods of schooling, take the time to educate yourself. Always be a person who is evolving and growing." - Sheldon
Many times people in society can let knowledge stop after the school years have passed. Whether it is grade school or college some feel like that's the end of learning as they know it. "I've been to school and have gotten the grade," they'll say. They'll get complacent in stopping just at the school years.
As a person you are ever-growing. You were built to learn and to go on from level to level. Think about what it is that you are involved in. If you are involved in a career or in the marketplace there is always room to grow. The reason that there is room to grow is because the times are constantly changing.
This year makes my tenth year in the writing and publishing industry. But, as the years pass there is always new information and new ways of doing things that are created and brought to light. So, it doesn't matter if I've been involved in writing for ten years or a hundred years, there will always be new ways of doing writing and publishing. The foundational work might be the same, but someone will come up with a new and better way to do it.
Think about yourself and what you are involved in. Ask yourself if and will there be a new way created to do what it is that you do. If you were to say there is a pretty good chance that there may be a new way created I would almost be inclined to say yes there will. If you were to study the industry or endeavor out you would probably find that someone created an easy, more effective, or more productive way of doing what you do.
Knowledge is valuable for you to obtain. As I stated earlier, we are ever-growing. We should try to get all the knowledge that we can, but it's sad to say that some don't. Just think about what you do and see if there is a more effective way of doing it. If you are a manager is there a more efficient way to manage? If you are an entrepreneur is there a more productive way to run your business. If I'm doing what I love can I do it better?
Being better extends further than just inspirational talk. When you get the knowledge beyond what you already know and put it into action that's when you see that knowledge's value and when you grow beyond your current state.
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