Am I Late Again?

Expert Author Susan Leigh
Being punctual can be a difficult concept for some people to grasp. They always find something else to do in the last five minutes before they leave, or they wait and wait for another option or choice to come along. This may be fine for them, if it is only themselves that they are inconveniencing, but often other people are waiting and are included in the effect and impact of the lateness.
Let us look at the reasons why people leave things until the last-minute and often end up being late.
- waiting for a better offer to come along. Some people hate to commit to an arrangement for fear that a better offer or date will come along. This gives an incredibly disrespectful message to friends and the other people involved. Sometimes appreciating that by committing to something, saying 'yes' and going along with it, is important in supporting and maintaining that first group of friends. It also teaches the person making the late offer that if they want your company they need to book you sooner. It can be good to let people know that you are busy and are not sat around waiting for someone to turn up and ask you out on the last-minute.
- cannot make a decision. Some people procrastinate about everything from big to small decisions. Being indecisive means that everything in life becomes stressful. Look at the reasons behind this approach to decision-making and start to appreciate that whichever choice you make things usually come right in the end. Maybe start to improve this behaviour by having a backup plan initially. This can provide reassurance, but in reality having a go, making a decision and sticking with it helps to improve confidence and appreciate that these experiences teach us so much.
- trying to get everything done. Cramming as much as possible into every available minute of the day can lead to stress and irritability. Learning to manage time and oneself better can make for a happier, healthier you. Learn to prioritize. Some things are more urgent than others. Do those things first. Maybe delegate less urgent things to someone else. That way those jobs and tasks can be started and you can oversee them at a later stage. Learn to multi-task. Set some jobs in motion and then you can begin others. And in truth, often less important jobs do fall off the list if we leave them for a little while.
- feeling guilty. Some people feel guilty at having free time. They feel that they should be doing chores or working rather than having free time and fun. Keeping on working so that they become too late to go out can be a way of hi-jacking those opportunities for fun and 'me' time. Learning to have more confidence and become more assertive can mean that they come to realise that free time is a way of re-charging their batteries so that they can resume work at a later stage feeling invigorated.
- waiting for a better price is a gamble. Whether it be clothing in a sale or a house that we have our eye on, waiting for a better price can be tempting but can result in us losing out on what we wanted. We have to decide how much we want something and how much it is worth to us. Sometimes we have to see the bigger picture and pay the asking price to obtain something that means a lot to us. Because it is worth it to us.
- decide what you want to do and do it. Put yourself in your diary and honour that arrangement. Give yourself plenty of time to do the things that matter to you. Other people will help pick up on the rest.
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