Sort Out the Clutter and Introduce Clear Thinking

Expert Author Susan Leigh
Many people acknowledge that clutter makes for confused thinking and overloads the brain. Where does a person start to make order in their life if everything in front of them is a mess? Some businesses even commit to paperless offices in a bid to ensure a tidy approach, or they insist that every night all surfaces are left clear, fresh for the next day.
Let us look at some areas where we can begin to reduce clutter.
Possessions. Surfaces can become full of ornaments, significant items, things made by children, accumulated over the years. They collect dust and can become invisible if they have been there awhile. Introduce a rota system if you cannot bear to throw things away. Change things around every three months and you will freshen up your environment by starting to appreciate what you have and seeing things more clearly. Empty out the cupboard under the stairs. Often things are put in there, never to be seen again. Empty it out and you will have a useful area that can reintroduced back into the home. Food cupboards often have miscellaneous items that have been there for ages; something that looked interesting at a market or that was received a gift. Be strict with yourself and clear the clutter out of your cupboards and out of your life.
Clothes. Many of us have clothes that we have hardly ever worn. Perhaps we were saving them for best and outgrew them, the fashion changed or we forgot that we owned them. Opening a wardrobe that is full of clothes we never wear results in frustration and confusion. The 'I have nothing to wear' remark that causes so much amusement can have its roots is this very situation. Set aside half as day, maybe with a friend and decide to pass on, throw away, sort out and get rid of anything that has not been worn for a year. A friend of mine is so disciplined about keeping her wardrobe relevant that she sometimes has to return to the charity shop and buy back things that she passed onto them. That may be a little extreme, but she has a point.
Friends. We can keep people in our lives without ever considering their impact on us. Some of us may have kept people we call friends in our lives for many years, but if we really stopped to assess the relationships we may discover that they are not serving us well anymore. Some relationships may have been outgrown, some may be destructive inasmuch as our tastes and attitudes are so dissimilar that there is nothing that connects us apart from our history. Sometimes we have to stop and assess the people with whom we spend our free time. Free time is such a precious commodity that we need to spend it wisely, with people we enjoy and who are good for us.
Activities. Wanting to be healthy and energetic is important, but we need to choose things that we will actually do. The best way to ensure that we will stick to a plan is to enlist the help, support and commitment of others. Doing things together usually ensures that at least one person remains motivated. And also doing things that we enjoy is important, whether it be sport, dance sessions are a hobby of some kind.
Family. Often things are chaotic in a family. There is always something needing to be done. Clear thinking is ensured by taking the time to plan the week ahead. Take time to sort out each person's schedule, have a wall chart diary for activities in a visible place, designate chores for each person. It may take a while to bring everyone on board but if they learn that this system provides organisation and calm then everyone is more likely to join in. Being organised means that the household becomes a pleasant place with everyone participating. Efficient systems help share the load.
A few ground rules can then ensure that once the confusion is sorted it stays sorted:
Put things away as soon as they are finished with, purchased, sorted. If something old is being replaced, discard it immediately.
Dispose of what is not wanted or used.
When things need to be filed, taken upstairs, moved to a different room do it immediately. It is a good way to burn off a few calories and stops a new pile of clutter being started.
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