The Importance of Repetition

Expert Author Susan Leigh
Repetition can be seen as both good and bad. Driving is an example of good repetition. We often drive on auto-pilot, changing gears, manoeuvring, getting to our familiar destination, often without realising the route that we have taken. It is often only when we reach our destination and suddenly realise where we are or are trying to find somewhere new or are driving in difficult conditions that we become more alert and pay attention to the process of driving the car.
As human beings, giving our full attention to something for many hours a day would be exhausting. Many elements of our day are performed regularly and so become automatic and unconsidered. Drifting into a semi-trance state is a comfortable, familiar state in which to perform routine actions. Every morning people will routinely wash, brush their teeth, make a drink and often not really be fully aware of whether or not they have done these things afterwards. They may not be able to remember exactly what they did because the familiar routine lulled them into a trance-like state.
This enables our energy is conserved for the times when we need to be fully alert and vigilant.
So starting a new job or learning a new skill is often a stressful time. Some stress is a good thing as it keeps us mentally and physically engaged and on our toes. Aspects of a job may vary between routine and more complex. Becoming familiar with the routine aspects enables full concentration to be given to the more demanding elements.
Repetition is an important part of memory training. Everything that we are familiar with is so because of the multitude of times that it has been repeated in our lives. We see a familiar face, object or food and recognise it, know that it is good or bad based on our previous experience of it. Moving on from that, we see an expression on a person's face or hear a tone of voice, and based on our past experiences of that type of situation, we will determine how to react or respond. Repetition gives us our database from which to make potentially critical decisions and automatic reactions. Anything new being encountered will be automatically compared to similar items and then incorporated into the database in the relevant section.
Too much repetition is often counter-productive. Granted, not everyone wants highly challenging and difficult experiences in their life. Some may have enough problems and stresses in their personal life, some people may not want to have to concentrate too hard. Either way, some people prefer an easy life, to take things as they come and live and work as simply as possible.
Other people hate routine and thrive on the challenge of constant change. They love the buzz and exhilaration of new adventures and enjoy the adrenalin high that they get from the feeling of having all their senses fully alert. They talk about feeling completely alive at these times. The element of risk usually involved in these situations serves to enhance the experience.
Therapists often look at patterns of behaviour, conditioning and repetition in their client's lives. People who have been consistently disrespected, told that others are better than them, or even that they have to expect life to be hard and difficult, often have problems seeing situations from another, more positive perspective. Hearing things repeated on a regular basis makes them real and normal in our minds and it can require some work to help the client understand and appreciate how far back their negative conditioning goes. Then they can start to learn that life does not have to be that way.
Repetition of positive phrases makes for a good outlook and attracts better options and opportunities to us. We radiate more confidence, optimism and a more pleasant demeanour. Repetition of negative phrases ensures that a person becomes low, depressed and with a subdued expectation from life. By learning to repeat positive patterns, phrases and behaviours we can make major improvements to our outlook and to our quality of life.
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