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Don't Let Rude People Ruin Your Day

It never ceases to amaze me when people are rude to you within the office or anywhere publicly . i'm wondering what's browsing their mind that they will justify their behavior. But even more, how can we "the recipients" of this behavior not let it affect us? only too often when these situations that happen to us we allow them to "stick" with us and hassle us all day long and lots of times we take them home with us. We attempt to find out why it happened and was there something we could have done to stop it. like things that happened recently in my office; a patient was accidentally scheduled a meeting for Monday, which was a vacation . The patient was called the Friday before and was told of the mistake; we apologized and gave her a meeting for Tuesday morning at 11:00. She called the office Tuesday morning and asked for a meeting later that day thanks to a service she needed to attend for a lover , she was told to return in at 4:15 and she or he would be …

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